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Welcome to Virtual Assistance, by Nicola Clark

Nicola Clark is a highly experienced Virtual Assistant, Website Designer and SEO / SMM specialist, based in Margate, Kent.  If you're looking for somebody to support you in your business, with the ability to assist in its development and growth, then you are in the right place.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a business support professional that works remotely to undertake a variety of tasks to assist you in the smooth running of your business. This can be administration, accounting, website design, S.E.O, event organisation, marketing, P.R., research and can even involve overseeing your H.R and managing staff.

Who can benefit?

A business of any size can benefit from using a V.A. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can use the service as their main source of support, whereas larger companies can use a V.A. for sick / maternity cover, during busy periods (when an extra pair of hands can help), or for specific projects.

Is it cost effective?

Yes, because you only pay for the time you need, and there are none of the costs associated with permanent staff or even temporary staff working on your premises. You don't have to provide a workstation, equipment, support, pension, deal with payroll (including those costly N.I. contributions) or worry about health & safety aspects. On top of that, you don't have to pay for breaks, sick time, holidays, uniform / specialised clothing. 

A V.A. is used to knuckling down and getting things done, and can usually complete standard tasks in a fraction of the time of your standard 7 per hour office administrator, so once you've factored in the all the above, the "water cooler chatting", general faffing and Facebooking, the V.A. who costs more per hour might just work out cheaper!

How does it work?

However you want it to work!  Each situation, each business and each task is different, so the best thing to do is get in touch so we can discuss your specific requirements.